Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The JoDuCa Principle

Although JoDuCa is currently in the R&D phase of its clothing brand, that is not what the entire vision of what JoDuCa is and wants to be.
Brian Mbatha and Sihle Machi always had the idea and plan to takeover everything. We thought with us running everything (private sectors on lock), we could push for domestic development better than the current administration. That equals to bucket loads of Rands. We would then use this to acquire private jets and play Big Nuz while flying over the Mediterranean headed to private islands in Greece. But it seems like it will be too much for us, so we will let other individuals do the running of the C.E.O and chairman positions while we assemble an army that will run the country from the streets. Not just any but the main streets and avenues of the most culturally dominant cities in the country. Taking a young look at the country we realised that Joburg, Durban and Cape Town are cultivating this movement. That’s where we got our inspiration for our name JoDuCa. The idea is to fuse the diverse cultures and heritage of this country with the mainstream pop culture.We hope to expand on this already existing South African niche. We want all South Africans to create their own art that will outshine international competition. If you aren’t artistic at all, pop a bottle or two from time to time so people see you too.
JoDuCa has a vision of the youth realising their economic responsibility in South Africa. We want to create a platform that would promote aspiring youth that show exceptional talent in their field. This also revealed itself to be too broad, thus deciding to concentrate on the arts and expressive fields.
Our plan on starting with a clothing brand that will be able to be big enough to create a platform so that we can help showcase South African creative talent (Indigenous Stayela).
However we cannot achieve this on our ace, thus looking at spreading a state of mind that we call the JoDuCa Principle. Our youth should realise, after the world cup, how powerful South Africa and Africa as brands are and can be. Hope people can start to look around their cities at what local artists are up to. They can also start looking at what they can do for their city by building a brand inspired by their town, city and country. We have so many diverse cultures and we hope to tap into all of them.
There are so many artists doing such amazing stuff out here and we just need to support great local products. We hope by more people supporting other local products; that capital will eventually trickle back to us. Thus we don’t mind people buying other products, as long as its local stuff (Nothing substandard though).
If you aren’t artistically inclined, how do you hold your city and culture down?
Make sure your city believes in you in whatever you do, that would mean doing it right.
If you are unfortunate to poses no artistic bone in your body, explore your city and find out why it is better than most. Believe in your city, so your city can believe in you.
Ohhh yeah, end of October, we release the summer range.
(Zabalaza kuze kulunge)

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