Sunday, 18 September 2011


There was a lifestyle market happening on the "most cosmopolitan" street in Durban (Florida road in Morningside) on the 18th of September so we went threw to see what it was about.The event has held dead centre of Florida road on the corner of Gordan rd and Florida.



The setting was chilled typical Durban style but never judge a book but its cover, these guys they really had some worthwhile stuff.

For the past 10 years, the  (BSTMU) Business Support Tourism and Markets Unit has created various programmes to assist emerging and small enterprises to grow their businesses and income. The unit has helped a number of Ethekwini businesses by offering training, access to finance, networking opportunities and facilitating access to market opportunities.
The Florida Road Lifestyle Market is another proudly South African initiative by the BSTMU to create a platform for local emerging and small enterprises to promote and sell their products to the public.
The Florida Road Lifestyle Market is one of many platforms where SMME’s can sell their products and earn income. It is also an opportunity for the public to browse through and purchase a wide range of handmade and homemade products manufactured in South Africa which is the reason why we went to support this event.

Here are some of the interesting items which caught our eyes that were up for sale, when we first saw these we thought  fresh necklaces  but to our surprise they used them to put hot cups and pot on (laughs! they still fly though). 

               Key rings that you will never forget! the detail on them was really amazing!

There was a wide range to choose from,there is no reason for anyone in Durban not to have a fly key.

Beaded leather wristbands.Yeah we also surprised they still selling 2010 gear still",

All the products sold at the market are either made by South Africans or manufactured in South Africa and that's why we supported it.
The Florida Road Lifestyle Market is a place to have a look on the last Sunday of every month in Durban, including Public Holidays so Durban "sakhamuzi's" get yourselves out there and do the right thing support local!

(If you really liked any of the above pieces, they are done by Sonto Duma of Ethic Creations you can get a hold of her by contacting 0824808338)


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