Thursday, 4 August 2011

JoDuCa Lives!!!

After some time of trying to get some items done, JoDuCa has finally got some 'prototypes' for the coming summer season. Through the excitement of the two-man team, we decided to have a young photo shoot.
Special Delivery




Vannezzy Jeans by Kabelo, Durban native.

Call me Joey Duco.

This was our interpretation of an amateur photo shoot. We had some fun in that hour. We hope to get more items done soon.

Indigenous Stayela


  1. I love the initiative you guys have taken creating this brand...Joduca is a very interesting concept,its young and so very phresh!most importantly its original,creative and proudly South African...good job,a lot of work lays ahead but things can only get bigger and better!

  2. I'm loving it, Puhsani Zikhokho, we as the youth are 100% behind you