Wednesday, 8 June 2011


These are some of the pictures, and trends that caught the eye of local South Africans and Fashionistas at the DESIGN INDABA, held earlier this year on the 23rd of february to the 27th february, in this picture we see a young black South African wearing the original white fitted t-shirt, dark fitted jeans and white sneakers look, the look might have been over done during the years but the guy in this picture shows us how relevant it still is if dressed in the appropriate way and place.The reason why JoDuCa and people loved this picture at the DESIGN INDABA is because of its simplicity and relevantness to any situation, to be honest its not a South African look but we like it because its MODERN,its CURRANT and is the preferred look to South African guys in there early twenties!

This is typical South African township look, (clearly different from the look above) which in lots of ways, cases and places hasn't gotten enough credit it deserves! This due to mostly the steroetypical views that of the pop culture/fashion scene in this country we have adapted. This look is basically about dark leather or suede loafers, fitted jeans, golfer shirts, leather belts, and sometimes finished of with a small bucket hat or  a beanie depending on the season! So what do we  think abuot  it? Well as far as slick but leaving room for a casual item is concerned, this look has got just that, its neat, clean, with a hint of rebel inside it! This gives away what you might what people to perceive you as, now as we all know most township guys are seen exactly in this way, WAS IS IT BECAUSE OF THE CLOTHES ALL ALONG? or they really are guys not to be messed with! (",) 

The interlectual, hippy look, only white boys can pull this off look of properly, in the same way just like only the darkies can pull of the previous "township G" look if you like! Two different and very unique looks, Now we JoDuCa are all about fusion things up! thats what we stand for! so what do you get when you mix the two?

                                                           SOMETHING LIKE THIS!

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