Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Durban hasn't been taken seriously for a long time in the South  Africa's fashion scene, untill recently in the DURBAN 031 COLLECTION initiative which was sponsered by Durban's fashion giant Mr Price.

The show filled with local talent and involved 16 designers, which were split in to two Top estabilished Durban designers and local up and  coming young designers. Among the estabilished designers were Nguni Shades, Leigh Schubert, Sbu Msimang. Amanda Laird Cherry, Francois Vedemme, The Holmes Brothers, Ruff Tung and Terrence Bray. The young designers were Claire Mackenzie, Jacqueline Munsami, Gregory Sandile Dladla ( JoDuCa's  favourite), Ludwig Bezuidenhout, Hanrie Lues, Cindy Leigh Armstrong, Kaila Goss and Belinda Morgan.

The young designers were in a competition to win prize money, and to work for Mr Price HQ with a chance of  having there designs out on some of the Mr Price stores, so who won? Unfotunately not our favourite but to us every winner is JoDuCa, CINDY LEIGH ARMSTRONG won on the night and we congratulate her, her collection had women's and men'swear which was different and interesting from the rest!

Well now then, what do we think about the whole event?  the setup: the setup was really world class black and neat, simple good work from David West (the show choreographer) and Black Coffee Productions (not the disc jockey",) the clothes were even better than setup the  veteran designers showing that they have  been in the game for a  while", though the young designers keep them on their toes, literally on the runway! So thanks to Tiffany Prior the event organiser and producer of the whole show, DURBAN HAS SENT A MESSAGE TO SOUTH AFRICA, AND WE THINK THIS TIME SOUTH AFRICA HAS  GOT IT!

                                                                The Terrance Bray show

                                                            The Gregory Dladla show

                                                                 The Ruff  Tung show

                                                                      And the ladies",

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